Our body needs nutritious food to function properly. When our body doesn’t have enough nutrition that body needs of course our body doesn’t function the way it should be. Lack of nutrition one of the reasons we get sick and diseases occurs. Also what we eat this gives big impact to our health and what we feel each day.

Eating healthy is the best way to prevent diseases and sickness that we have in our time. Nowadays we have so many sickness and diseases that exist. Why? The reason for this is, we have so many foods that have lot of preservatives that we thought that are healthy but it is not. A healthy food is the fresh food. We are advice by our health professionals to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that have don’t preservatives on it.

Looking back to our old ancestors or our great grandparents they mostly reach to the old age. Why? They eat fresh foods and they are the one who cook for their own food. No preservatives and all made from scratch.  Those times then they don’t have ready to cook or ready eat foods that are full of junk preservatives that ruin our health.

We all know that junk food is very tempting food. Looks & smells delicious but absolutely not good for our body. We should make it sure that we eat healthy food each day and cook our self if we can so that we know what’s on it and of course we have nutritious meal if we cook it our self. If we eat nutritious food we don’t have eat too much.Try to observe it yourself if you eat right food and no junk food. You will surely feel better and healthier. Remember that there is a saying that what you eat is what you are.

Eat healthy so that you look healthy and feel healthy as well and no disease can easily come your way. Try to control our self from eating junk foods and try to inculcate this thoughts that  junk foods will ruin our health and makes us feel us miserable. It also cost money and time when we get sick. We don’t want to feel this way so why not practice healthy lifestyle and feel healthier each day.