Most of us wear shoes and sometimes it’s hard to find shoes that are comfortable and will not easily wear out or tear. While being price conscious I am also being watchful and being particular to the brand so I may get the best for my budget. I prefer to buy shoes that will last a long time and that will protect my feet well.  I had a conversion with my friend last month and while talking we reached to the topic about shoes because women in nature we love shoes, I think men like shoes too but not as woman.

A friend of mine told me to check Wellco the next time we were looking for quality shoes. I think she got her Desert Boots from there. She said that they lasted her for a long period of time before she had to replace them with new ones. Right after our conversation my curiosity and also because of the high technology that we have right now I was easily able to check out Wellco own my computer.  On their website she had told me about and I found out that Wellco has been around for quite some time, in fact since 1965.

They have an unbelievable selection of Combat Boots, Desert Boots and Military Shoes. I was so glad my friend introduced me to Wellco it made my life easier to find quality boots that would not easily wear out or tear, especially when I needed durable boots or combats boots. From now on I know where to buy quality and affordable boots for me and my hubby.