5 Rules For Riding

* Dress You Or Your Family For Safety – Make sure everyone wears sturdy, closed-toe shoes, ties back long hair and avoids dangling drawstrings and jewelry that might get caught in machinery.
* Observe The Ride’s Operator before you buy a ticket. How many are there? Are they paying close attention when they check safety restraints? Do they watch the ride while it’s in motion? If the answers leave you ill at ease, choose another ride.
* Stay Age Appropriate – Check that your child meets height, weight and age requirements and make sure any restraints fir snugly. Also, consider her general behavior. If she often has trouble staying seated or following directions or if she or he’s easily frightened an adult should ride with her.
* Watch The Ride with your child first, so he understands what will happen after he boards. Instruct him or her to keep arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times, hold to any handholds or bars and follow directions from the ride operator.
* Finally, Take Care Of Yourself – Consult your doctor and double check warning signs before riding if you’re pregnant, recovering from surgery or have any condition that makes you more susceptible to injuries from many rides, high speeds and g-forces.

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