Today is the first day of July already where is the days go. It’s really amazed me how’s the time flying faster than it should be, maybe I am just getting older that is why I noticed this much. Everyone out there what’s your plan for this 4th of July. This is my first time here in the US that 4th of July is fall on Sunday.

I have two invites already for Saturday that their having a party, good thing that we have a nice weather this week-end. Everyone enjoys outdoors and outdoor parties. However keeping the drinks cool in the warm weather is very difficult. None of the guests or even the host would like to drink warm drinks.

Not only on a warm day, but otherwise also you cannot keep holding your drink for long time and still enjoy it cool. The chilled cans become wet and slippery after some time and make it difficult to hold onto it. If you have koozies for your drink can or soda can, then keeping your drink cool for longer time is easily possible. Hope you will enjoy and have a great time with your friends and families in this 4th of July.