Ten Ways To Beat The Blues

Once, at a time of great sorrow, I found that it is difficult to overcome the feelings of loneliness, grief and depression that sometimes most of us feel. Finally, though I discovered some ways to beat the blue moods. I believe it will help you and me too.

* It may seem simple, but ask God to give you the strength to overcome your mood.

* Say to yourself, I have felt this way before. It will will pass. It did the other times. The grief may not leave but the present mood often does.

* Deliberately “turn off” your mind to unhappiness. In place of sad memories, force yourself to inject pleasant things into your thoughts.

* If the weather permits, take a walk or engage in some other outdoor exercise. If that is not possible, keep busy at something indoors.

* Be grateful for all the happiness you have had. List or count your blessings.

* Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Help someone, maybe even stranger, if you can.

* Realize that this mood may have a physical basis. Perhaps nervous fatigue or some other bodily ill at least partly responsible. If so, ask your doctor for help.

* Be confident that if you are really willing to place yourself in God’s hands, something or someone, will come along and help you bear the unbearable.

* Remember that every person at some time inĀ  her or his life must make the same adjustments, many with fewer “tools” with which to work than you have.

* Believe in tomorrow!

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