We have beautiful fall this year and it turn out that we have gorgeous colors of trees around us here in West Michigan this fall. But the cooler air is starting to kick in and it is time to take out our warmer clothes like our sweater and jeans to warm up us this fall.

Time for changing our outfit to the cooler weather, no more summer clothes, put those away and time for warmer clothes. We can really say that fall season is finally here, seen a lot of falling leaves already and fresh cold air felt so good especially at night.

Time to dig out our fall outfit, no more sleeveless and shorts this time of a year. Our outfit would really depend of the weather here, not like in our country Philippines that we can wear anything or summer clothes most of the time. For parents those children’s are growing, time for shopping them new warmer clothes that fit them.

Also, start shopping clothes for this fall season for some reason that your clothes don’t fit you anymore. Maybe it is too big because you eat too much during summer or too small because you did exercise and much walking to lose weight or your sweater shrunk from the washing or the dryer. It’s time for shopping clothes for fall season outfit.