Month: November 2008

Tips For Kids In The Kitchen

* Cooking is messy, so have the kids cover up with aprons or old shirts withe sleeves rolled up.* Cleanliness is important. Make sure kids know to wash their hands before starting sneezes or bathroom breaks.* Review the recipe...

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Life Goes On Inspite Of The Challenges

November is almost over, we never noticed how time flies. Month of November has unique qualities. Fall colors, falling leaves, Presidential election (USA), Great football and Thanksgiving top of the list as we soon head into the...

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5 Rules For Riding

* Dress You Or Your Family For Safety – Make sure everyone wears sturdy, closed-toe shoes, ties back long hair and avoids dangling drawstrings and jewelry that might get caught in machinery.* Observe The Ride’s...

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Beliefs are at the very heart of what makes us unique, what makes me “me” and you “you”. Beliefs stem from our life experiences, particularly our turning points-those events that have forced us to make...

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The Smile Stone Award

The reasons why I am smiling:1. I am contented with what I am and what I have.2. I am married to my hubby who is very loving, thoughtful and very understanding.3. I am blessed with a good and loving family.4. I am healthy and...

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