In this day and age technology is at everyone’s finger tips. And if you do not have an iPhone then you are not keeping up with the times. You can do almost everything with an iPhone like sending email, making phone calls, sending a text message, keep an address book, get directions, play games, listen to music and even search the internet. This will become one of the best investments you will ever buy. But one thing I discovered I could use my iPhone in searching for a new home. It allowed me to access over the internet a website called MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store.

Their application was great; I could search for an apartment in my favorite areas, find resources for moving, place an advertisement for a roommate or search for a roommate and even find out information on property managers. All this without ever sitting in front of a computer or searching through the classified ads in the newspaper and use it while I was out looking for a new place to live. Their website to look for in the iPhone application is and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So if you want to make good use of your iPhone and need a new place to live, I recommend starting your search through the iPhone application at MyNewPlace. I have shown you an example of what it would look like on your iPhone so you can get started to day in your search.