We all love foods but remember that he food we eat is the one who contribute or the results of our health. We need to know what are the foods that good for our body as well as the food that are not good for our body and our brain as well. I read an article and I just want to share this to my readers the food that is bad for our brain. I know we do eat these food but we just need to be aware of what these foods bring to our body and our brain. We can still eat this food but we will do eat this in moderate. I know most of us are aware of this already but sometime we just need to be reminded again and again. Remember that health is our best wealth.

Number one is the junk foods and the processed foods – this include to a dozens of preservatives, coloring and other additives that will interfere with our healthy brain functions. A study of children with ADHD found that 73% of those placed on a diet that restricted to such additives showed an improvement of behavior, cognitive functions and learning activities.

Second the cookies, potato chips, doughnuts, fried chicken, candy bars, muffins and French fries – these are the foods that are notoriously high in hydrogenated fats or Tran’s fats. These bad fats can interfere with the absorption of the good omega-3 fats, while further hurting cardiovascular health.

Third is the sugar – if we don’t watch the sugar we eat this can lead to glucose spikes and crashes, resulting in wildly fluctuating brain levels. Don’t reach for the artificial sweeteners too quickly though. Some have been linked to behavioral problems in children and may even be toxic to neurons.

Fourth is the fatty meats, cream and whole milk, lard, shortening and butter – this foods contain artery –clogging saturated fats that can impede blood flow to the brain and lead to the poor cardiovascular health that associated with cognitive decline.

Fifth is the alcohol and caffeine – this will interfere with the absorption of critical neuro-nutrients like the B vitamins, zinc, potassium and iron which is important to our body and the brain.

Lastly the carbonated beverages – this can be high in phosphorus which can also interfere with the absorption of the neurotransmitter-boosting mineral calcium.