As Father’s Day are fast approaching we can hear and read articles about fathers and how special they are to us like our mother. Father and mother are both important to our lives. They work as a team when it comes to family and raising their children. We both love them and pay tribute to the things they have done to us or to their respective family.

Father’s are special like our mothers they have both noble jobs and obligation to their children. They always did their best for the good future of their families and children. We cannot even repay of what they have gone through in raising and providing their children’s need and wants. Most of the fathers always aspiring success and providing families with all the best they can do.

We all know that being a father is not easy, like mothers, it is a full-time obligation or job that without any compensation they received.  Except the happiness they felt that can never be explained unless you are in their same shoes as them. Father’s always make sure that the families are safe, protected and they are considers as the hero for the family. This is the reason why fathers deserve a special treatment like our mothers.

We have so many ideal and noble fathers around the world and we all look up to them of their ideal accomplishment in life. We want to be like them and we aspire to follow their footsteps. I know that many of us love our father and they always a have special place in our hearts especially during Father’s Day. We have the chance to express our love and appreciation of what they have done for us and supporting us until we have succeed in our life journey.

I would like to greet Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers around world and fathers who visited my site and most especially to my father. You always deserve the love of your family and children for the all effort and sacrifices you have gone through your life. Father, you are very special to us, without you and mother we would not be like of what we are now.