Driving is something that I just learn when I came here in America. I never thought in my life that I will know how to drive. I know it came to my mind that how I wish I could have a car and drive myself but I never thought it would be possible. I remember when I got my driver license how happy I am and I realize that everything will be possible.

Knowing that I grow up in the Philippines where we don’t have to drive, it is not necessary for us to drive for the reason that we have public transportation that we can ride everyday in our life. We can ride a jeepney which is our public vehicle or transportation or if you have the budget you can ride a taxi. Having a vehicle is not necessary in our place unless you have the money to buy a vehicle for yourself or for your family. But here you have to learn how to drive in order for you to get into places.

Learning how to drive is not easy but remembers those times that I been practicing driving that my husband had taught me it is scary and sometimes disappointing but I did it anyway in spite of the challenge. There were times that I am want to give up practice driving and don’t want to learn driving anymore.

I know some of the Filipina that are living here in the US they went to school for driving. The husband decided that they would rather let somebody teach their wife how to drive for the reason that they don’t want argument that would create conflict to their marriage. This is really true because you will really have an argument when you teach driving to your wife.

But my husband had decided that he will personally teach me how to drive. We do really have arguments at times but obviously it works out still. I just appreciate the patience and time that he put on me so that I will know how to drive and just don’t give me on me until I know myself how to drive.

Now that I know how to drive it is a nice feeling that I can drive myself already. And I am happy and nice to know that I would not depend on my husband all the time when it comes to driving. This gives me the idea that everything is possible if you believe on it.