The 2012 school year is fast approaching and now is the time to start thinking about back to school supplies. In recent surveys consumers are expected to spend more in this 2012 year than in past years for school supplies. Hopefully this is an upward sign that the economy is starting to change.

Recently I found an article on that shows where they conducted a survey between May 22 and June 5, 2012 that shows responses from 4,450 online U.S. shopping consumers. It also shows that 1,509 of the U.S. shopping consumers are already planning what they are going to purchase this back to school season. To read more about this “Shopping Survey for Back to School 2012” please follow this link.

Why are people starting the shopping sooner? The first and foremost reason is to try and save and take advantage of sales and good deals. The second reason is so they can spread out their purchases so they are not taxing their budget all at one time. is only one place that people are looking at to purchase their back to school items. There are many online stores that are available to help you make your online shopping fast and easy. Please remember online shopping can be safe and easy, but make sure when you are completing your purchase that you are using a website that offers a secure form of payment. This way you will not be the victim of fraud.