Key chains, every one of us have them. They are used for so many things, like keeping our keys all together or organizing our sets of different keys for our home, cottage or cabin, bikes, lawn equipment and much more. Some people go a step further by showing there personality through there key chain. Some like key chains that are made of metal and are heavy so they will not lose there keys, some big so they can always find them quickly, some colorful to show off there likes and dislikes or some people even goes as far as to use photo keychains. This way you can keep a picture of the love of your life always with you. The photo keychains could also be a picture of your favorite automobile, animal, house or property, scenery or memorable vacation, child or spouse even a photo of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If I were to design custom photo keychains for myself or someone I know. I would first think about that person’s personality. Look at there likes and dislikes and then try to come up with a design that would match that person. For me it would be a photo of my spouse or a photo of one of our memorable vacation spots. That way I could proudly show and be reminded of my family and what they mean to me. I keep all my keys together on one photo keychains so I only have to keep track of one set of keys. If you are looking for a place to design your own photo keychains for yourself or for a gift to someone you know. Then I recommend trying VistaPrint for all your custom photo keychains. They start out at $4.99 and up and are available in many shapes, sizes and designs. They are on durable vinyl, flexible material and you can put the photo of your choice on the photo keychains. If you have more questions, you should stop by VistaPrint’s website to see and read about all the photo keychains they have available.