As much have many good reasons for having new technology that we have available in our time such as computers, cell phones,  iPhone, iPad and many other gadgets there are also risk of using it all the time and if we are not careful about it. We have also give limitation to our kids of how long they can get into the computer and playing their games.

Using computers and any gadgets can be addicted that is why we need to watch and careful about this. I know many people that they can’t get away with it, they are their 24/7. They play games all the time and some are addicted to Facebook, this is just a waste of time. We have to think that we can do some important things other than Facebook or playing games online.

I am not against using Facebook or using computers but there are people that are always unto it and this is not good at all. Checking Facebook once in a while or once a day is good just to stay connected to friends and relatives are good. But there are people that they can’t live without it. We have to careful with this because there many hackers and fraud all around the world that gets information from you through this social networking.

We need to be careful giving out information out there. With the availability of the technology this helps a lot in so many but there are also risks to unto it. One it cost money to buy those gadgets, second we have to be careful with the viruses that will attack in your computer. You need to have virus protection and firewall so that hacker & viruses cannot get into your computer and get information from you.

Using computer all the time can cause health issues as well. Have you notice that if you are in the computer all the time, you have headache? Reading some articles says that too much using or sitting on the computer screen can increase drastically the risk of having health issues such as depression, insomnia, eyestrain, backache, mental disorder and sleep disorder.

We need to advice our children the risk of using too much of the available technology in our time. We need to get away once in a while and use it wisely and carefully so that we will not suffer the consequences and effects of it. As much as we love those gadgets we have to be cautious on how we use it so that our life will not be at risk.