We all are feeling the economy and looking for ways to save, one of the easiest ways to save are by using coupons. I know for me even if I was not on a tight budget I would still use coupons to save. Why not, you can save more with coupons than what you earn in interest in a bank account. For me I can usually save between $15.00 and $25.00 every week when I do my shopping. This has saved me enough money to take a vacation every year. Now who wouldn’t like that?

So the question is where do I get most of my coupons? Well some is from the newspapers, but most is from online coupon websites like . It just takes a little bit of time approximately thirty minutes before you go shopping can save you a lot money. This does not only mean shopping for groceries. Their website carries coupons for anything you can think of, anything from groceries to family vacation spots.

For an example I went to Cuckoo For Coupon Deals and did a search for Utah deals. Right on the first page it came up with a coupon too Trafalga Fun Park where you can get an unlimited Pass for Only $4.00. What a great family outing that would be. Or you could get a $30.00 GC to Thaifoon for $15.00 and take the wife or girlfriend out for a wonderful asian dinner. If you are single and you are thinking to yourself how am I going to save money with this coupon website? Well on the same website under the Utah deals you will find were you can get a free Tony Burger in Salt Lake City. Now I know I wish this type of website was around when I was single and a college student. So if you are looking to save on almost anything you can think of, you should consider going to their website.