Are you looking to further your education and get a degree in the always growing medical field? If you are then I am sure you have been trying to decide where and what would be the best location and field of practice out of many to choose from. Today we are going to talk to you about SCU or also known as Southern California University of Health Science.

At Southern California University or SCU you will find they have a state of art Chiropractic Program designed to give you the training and education you need to get your career off to a great start. They pride their selves on offering you the clinical applicability in their curriculum. SCU also offers hands on experience as soon as possible within their Chiropractic Program training.

To complete your Chiropractic School or education at SCU also known as Southern California University you will be able to select your elective courses, this will allow you to pick and choose a specialty track as you go through your education. SCU’s course study is not limited to chiropractic study they also include sports medicine, nutrition, diagnosis, functional medicine and research. SCU also includes business skills as part of their training and education.

As part of their training or schooling SCU also offers community based internships so you will also be able to get experience by spending time in doctor’s offices. This will give you experience that you will not get by studying only in a class room environment.

Once you have completed your Chiropractic School you can also continue your schooling by taking advantage of one of SCU’s fulltime on campus residency program. One is in diagnostic imaging and the other is in sports medicine. Each of these courses would give you the knowledge and experience needed to be successful in today’s world. I urge you to consider Southern California University Chiropractic Program or one of their other education programs to enable you to get your career of to a great start.