Our weather is become better and warmer each day meaning spring is almost over and summer is here. Month of June is here and the school for this year is just ended. I know many people are busy from their graduation parties and preparation right know. I just receive two graduation invitations from a friend. I know how busy they are for this memorable occasion for their children.

But right after this graduation, things will slow down and most of them will have their summer vacation and outdoor activities plan for this year. We can see many people traveling, camping, picnic, visit families, go to the beach and many other outdoor activities during this time of a year.  We are always praying for a nice and good weather condition so that we can have enjoyable summer this year.

Traveling is fun to do during this summer especially if you have the budget to do it. What I love in traveling is, you got to see new places and it is fun. It is nice to see and experience new things. Those who love to travel for your vacation just careful driving, take time relax and unwind yourself and enjoy your time. I had also seen that the gas prices is going down this week hope it will keeps going down so that we will not be hurting with the gas prices and our budget when we travel.

We have also vacation plan this month, we are going to Montana to visit my sister and her family. We will just drive going there so that we can see places and different state. We have lot of driving though but I think it would be fun. We have done this before and it was fun and we did have good time. We are planning to go their cabin and drive four wheelers over there. I love seeing those gorgeous mountains, rivers and valleys in Montana. How about you, what are your plans this summer? Hope you will have some fun and enjoyable summer as well.