Did you watch the royal wedding this morning of Prince William and Kate Middleton? This wedding is the most awaited one of some people but of some they don’t care. But in London as we can see in videos, TV, pictures there are thousands of people are in lining in the street and billions of people are watching around the globe just to witness the much anticipated royal wedding. There are people just curios what is the dress of Kate Middleton look like and just being nosy.  Like every wedding the eyes of the people are looking to the dress or the gown of the bride. The wedding dress or gown of Kate Middleton was kept secret until her wedding day.

I guess that one of the reason of some people that is curious about.  And her dress was magnificent ivory confection with the lace floral detail and it was designed by Britain’s Sarah Burton and creative director Alexander McQueen. It was an amazing wedding and Catherine or Kate Middleton she looks gorgeous and elegant in her wedding dress though it looks like not fancy as people that thought would be but it was alright she is pretty anyways.

I know in every wedding people will always have a story to tell or something they will talk about or to complain the dress, the food, the ceremony or whatever this is like instinct to human. Remember every wedding the bride is the eye of the people that day. You know people have different opinions and comments about this wedding some they wake up early to watch and they more excited than the bride and the groom. Glad for the technology in our day we can get update and watch it like we are there in their wedding.

At least we witness a royal wedding even just in TV or in the internet.  The excitement is over my point is that the wedding is done and we just wish them happiness in their marriage. But people still talking about it and we can still see comments in Twitter, Facebook and still hear news about it. Anyway that’s our interesting and fun things of the day to witness the royal wedding and it was ended a beautiful day.