Most of women will be crazy for jewelry and that is why jewelry is one invention of man that is the ultimate mean to get into any woman’s heart. The mystery and magic of colored gemstones has been an integral aspect or the “Lore” of most cultures for many centuries. The fascination with colored gemstones dates back to the very beginning of civilization.

Since ancient times, colored stones have been thought to possess innate magical powers and the ability to endow the wearer with certain attributes. While buying gemstone jewelry, look for right qualities and ask the jewelry the right questions.

Ideally buying the genuine stones are better than fake ones. When you have jewelry, you must try to retain their shine. For true gemstones, the ways to opt for will be expensive to keep them shining, but if you want less expenditures, you should try the artificial gem stones instead. If there are cracks in the gemstone, beads are darker. The bead should not be dyed to alter the color scheme. Good color and holes are also essential part of the checking process before buying so that you will know if you really like it or not.

Women and jewelry accompany each other and bring out the best in each other. Mostly women like diamonds colored gemstones have their four Cs’ as well namely color, carat, clarity and cut. Color is the most prominent of all. No matter what stone you are choosing the best one’s are in vivid and intense primary hue apart from gems that are naturally pastel shaded like aquamarine. With proper care these jewels can last a lifetime and also passed on as a legacy to future generations.

You have to clean them, look after them to see that they do not lose their shine. After all, if you want to be at the center of each gathering, you must look beautiful and there is not a single woman who can look ugly if she wears jewelry. When you are going for jewelry, gemstone jewelry is the best option and for me jewelry is not  judged by its value.