In these days many of us have lost our job because of the economy and are looking to start are own business so that we never have to worry about being laid off or let go again. So where do you begin is the big question mark.

First I would start by visiting a website called Franchise Clique to see what all the blossoming entrepreneurs are looking at to get started. They have a list of many profitable opportunities like Blimpie, Papa Murphys and Quiznos Franchise for you to choose from.

There you will find out information like your investment range needed. How much liquid capital needed, if there is financing available and training to help you get started. The Franchise Clique has more than just food and restaurant opportunities. You will also find many profitable business opportunities if that interest you more. I would love to hear back from you on the franchise of your liking and what you have done to secure your future in this troubled economy.