The number of people wearing eyeglasses or should be wearing eyeglasses is increasing every day. The question is can you afford them or even afford to pay for your eye checkup? I wear eyeglasses and my optometrist even his value pack it costs approximately $300.00 for the checkup and the glasses. Now without the insurance at that time I do not know if I could have afforded the much needed checkup and glasses. So like many others I went looking for alternatives and options to help with the rising expenses in preparation for the next time I need to replace my glasses, which is the largest portion of the cost.

I came up with Zenni Optical, now Zenni Optical is an online distributor of eyeglasses which sells glasses and frames. But the problem is like all of the online eyeglass distributers you need to supply your eye wear prescription, which must include the PD or also known as Pupillary Distance. Pupillary Distance, is the distance between the pupils of the eyes, center to center, in Millimeters. You wouldn’t think that would be a problem. But most of the optometrist out there does not want you to have this information, for the reason that they also want to sell you the frames and lenses. This is where they make a large portion of their profits. So is this where the optometrist is looking out for your best interest? Or do we need to be up front with the optometrist before the exam is done and explain our situation and offer to pay for the results and information? Or do you feel you are already paying for the information and the eye exam and this information should already be given to you if you request it? I guess the world is not completely ready for the worldwide web, are you?