5 Steps To Relaxation

* Set The Mood – Create a spa like atmosphere by turning off the overheads and lightning a scented candle. Cue up soul soothing New Age or Classical music. Let the water run for a few minutes then adjust the temperature and step in. The steam will mimic the muscle soothing action of a spa sauna and you can use the wait time to treat yourself to a mini-facial by applying a mask.

* Scrub Up – Use a body polish to give yourself a brisk, all-over scrub as soon as you start to get wet. You’ll get the silky smoothest results if you start before skin is to hydrated. A fresh shower, your newly exfoliated skin will absorb moisturizer like dry sponge.

* Clear Your Mind – Lather up with lavender soap ( known to be calming qualities ) then shampoo and condition. As you rinse, give yourself a quickie, salon-style scalp massage to release stress and tension. Using the pads of your fingers, gently press in a circular motion all over your head with extra focus on the soft spots near the temples.

* Treat Your Feet – Sit on the floor or side of the shower if you can and take a moment to pamper your feet, using your thumbs to knead tired soles and toes. End by buffing rough spots with a callus remover.

* Hydrate – Apply a lightweight body oil right in the shower or if you crave something richer, slather on velvety moisturizer after you dry off. Treat your whole body.

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