* Craniosacral – A gentle massage of points along the head and spine; you can keep your clothes on for this type.

* Deep Tissue – The therapist stretches and kneads muscles in strong, short strokes with deep pressure to work out knots and kinks to relieve pain.

* Localized – Choose this type for its focus on the part that is a problem area – head, neck, shoulder. The practitioner may use deep-tissue or Swedish style touch.

* Lymphatic Drainage – This method uses lights, fluttery strokes to stimulate your lymphatic system and help push excess fluid out of the swollen area.

* Reflexology – This is a specialized technique in which the therapist massages specific points on your foot to stimulate nerve channels that relieve pain in other parts of the body.

* Swedish
– A classic method that uses long smooth strokes, some kneading and friction to apply moderate pressure along your muscles and connective tissues.

* Trager – The therapist helps you perform gentle rocking and stretching motions that relieve and reduce stress. It’s good choice if you prefer being fully or partially clothed.