Month: March 2009

Feel Happier

In one study they said that the tropical scent had an uplifting effect on nearly 100%. You feel more relaxed and more in harmony with the surroundings! The scent will help to lower your blood pressure and pulse rate, it most...

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Make You Look Great!

* Keep suits and twin sets looking new – Even if you wear one piece more than the other always wash or dry clean both the jacket and the pants ( or the shell and cardigan) together. That way, the fabric wears evenly and...

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Im BackTo Driving

Today, I did start driving again, when winter starts I don’t drive anymore. I’m afraid driving in the snow, there is a lot of accident during winter because of the ice and it will causes you to slide. My husband told...

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Reward Yourself

There’s no greater reward than success. When we give reward to yourself it will make you feel better and feel calmer. If we are tired and stress of the things around us don’t forget to take a break. Don’t rule...

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