Today, I did start driving again, when winter starts I don’t drive anymore. I’m afraid driving in the snow, there is a lot of accident during winter because of the ice and it will causes you to slide. My husband told me to drive again so that I will use to it again. I am still nervous, but it is fun. In the Philippines we are not grow up driving not like here, they are taught how to drive when they are in their high school or at the age of sixteen they can drive on their own. Car is not our necessity in the Philippines we just ride a jeepney ( our transportation vehicle ) or taxi if want to go somewhere.

Driving is fun but it is scary at times, we have laws and speed limit to follow, we should watchful and extra careful driving. Sometimes people are not paying attention and it causes accident. Just the other day that my mother has an accident, she is in the stop light while the young lady drove at the back of her car, she did not pay attention while driving. She is reading a book and talking on the cellphone at the same time driving, not paying attention of her driving. The young lady total her car but she is fine but she damage the back of the car of my mother in-law. My mother in-law was so nervous and scared but good that my mother in-law was fine.