* Less Is More – Keep in mind that what you see in the bathroom mirror will be magnified in the sunlight, so its best to keep it simple. Stay away from the harsh lines, like heavy eyeliner or lip liner, which can age you. Make sure your foundation is thoroughly blended.

* The Magic Words: Melt Resistant
– Look for the words “water resistant” and “long wearing” on the labels. Always start with clean, dry skin makeup adheres properly.

* But If It Does Start To Melt
– Resist blotting sweat and shine with powder. “It build up and pool in your pores”. Instead use non powdered blotting sheets or plain old tissue.

* When in Doubt, Use A Bronzing
– “Bronzing powder can solve almost any beauty need in the summertime. Fake a tan by dusting a full over your cheeks, your forehead and the bridge of your nose. Create a lip shimmer by patting it on top of lip balm. Make Sparkling body moisturizer by scraping off a little and mixing it with scented lotion in your hand.