The year of 2011 has not been a good year weather wise for the world. From the blizzard of 2011 that struck the mid west this past winter, to the tsunami that struck Japan or all the tornado’s that caused all the flooding that just keep striking the United States.

The world is not only sad for those who have had great lose, but they are starting to wonder if the punishment from Mother Nature will ever end. Only the creator really knows the answer to this. But the CNN Meteorologist Rob Marciano discusses in an exclusive video why 2011 will be one of the deadliest tornado and bad weather years ever recorded since 1953. Feel free to follow the link to see the video and find out for yourself what to expect this year.

I know I need to get myself more prepared for what could be a very trying and bad year when it comes to our weather conditions. I can only hope and pray that the meteorologist are wrong or that things will at least settle down for awhile to let the world catch up and rebuild their towns and homes. My heart goes out to those who have been struck by one of the calamities of 2011 and hope that you are able to find happiness again.