Yes, Christmas is near, I know how busy people are during this time of the year. Are you done shopping for your Christmas gift? Most of us are busy thinking what gift to buy for Christmas in our families, friends and our love ones. Also, we have so many parties and many special occasions or gathering that we are scheduled to attend to.

Our lives are busy when Christmas is near and welcoming New Years. We have many preparations and things to do. Why not make it simple so that we will not stress out with the hassle and bustle during these holidays? But these are all the joy and fun that these events bring to the life of the people.

We all agree that Christmas is the most expensive month for our budget. We really have to allocate a budget of our Christmas shopping for everyone in our families, Christmas decorations, food preparation and many others. Christmas is the time of the year where families, friends and loves ones get together.

Remember that we should not forget that the true meaning of Christmas, it is not the big parties and gifts that we give or we receive, it is the life and love of Christ to all mankind. We can still celebrate and enjoy Christmas without those extravagant things in this life. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year everyone……