Do you know what social media marketing is? Have you heard of IZEA or also known as Social Spark? They specialize in social media marketing and have worked with hundreds of business to promote there websites and companies. IZEA works by people doing sponsored post on their websites, blogs or even email newsletters to generate social media or talk about a business. This improves their traffic rating, which will raise their listing in search engines and also generate more sales by advertising. Their system has been proven to work and is adjustable by the business looking to advertise by social media marketing. The business can choice how many words they require, how many links, the topics, how many adds to run and how much to payout for each post.

Recently IZEA and Kmart did a Social Media Case Study about Kmart’s layaway program, their holiday deals and Kmart’s gift card program. They where amazed at how much the awareness was raised, the increase in brand perception, how much traffic their website increased and the insight or opinions the bloggers had about their company. IZEA’s proven strategy is fast becoming one of the best online social media marketing tools available today. If you few the video below you will be able to read and understand more about what IZEA or Social Spark can do for you and your business.