Just received an email from Adgitize yesterday and letting us know that they were closing their doors. Starting December 27, 2011 you can’t open new accounts anymore. They also explain in their email all the details if you still have ads running with them that are not expire yet.

I know this is too bad and don’t like to hear this because Adgitize is been a help to my traffic in my website. But as what they explain that they cannot run their business anymore for the reason that is too much cost than the revenues that they have generated.  Not good at all but oh well, life goes on we will just find ways how to generate traffic in our websites.

I know many bloggers are also using Adgitize to bring traffic to their websites or blogs and for sure they will be shocked and not happy to hear this news and the same with me. Adgitize will be out of business and their services effective January 31, 2012.

We just find another advertising company that will help our website or our blog getting traffic. I know we are use to it of using Adgitize but nothing we can do is to find ways again so that we can survive with our business or work at home as a bloggers.