Finding, Making and Keeping friends. The best way to maintain these important relationship while you’re busy making new friends, remember that you still need to nurture your old friends.

* Keep In Touch – your friends should be a priority schedule; schedule regular lunch dates or catch up sessions, no matter how busy you are.

* Know Her Business
– keep track of important events in a friend’s life and show your support. Call or email, let her know you’re thinking of her.

* Speak Your Mind
– tell a friend (politely) if something she did really upset you. If you can’t be totally honest, then you need to reexamine the relationship.

* Accept Her Flaws – no one is perfect, so work around her quirks, she chronically late or she’s bit negative, to cut down frustrations and fights.

* Boost Her Ego – heartfelt compliments make every one feels great, so tell her how much you love her new sweater or what great job she did on a work project.