There are many people who get the flu in the summer. It is not just a winter problem anymore. One of the most common ways to get a summer flu is at a backyard barbecue. You say how can that be? Well at a backyard barbecue there is chips and salsa. You say these can be healthier than many other foods. That is correct, but studies show that many people double dip the chips into the salsa or dip. This contaminates the bowl of salsa or dip with up to 10,000 oral bacteria on every dip. This trasmits all the flu causing germs to everyone that eats the chips and dips into the salsa or dip. So the best way to avoid this is to get to the salsa or dip early or even first and place some on your plate and use that to dip your chips into. Instead of going back to the salsa or dip that is at the serving buffet. This avoids passing or cathing the germs from others. Just one of many tips form me to you.