I’ve been blogging for almost three years and I keep on reading and searching how to become a successful blogger. I wonder what they do and what’s the reason why the earned much. As research I came to a realization that they are just consistent of what they are doing.

I just noticed when I give more time and work much on my site like visiting, writing an article and many other things, I got more visitor and more opportunities come along. I need to do this and spend time everyday like I am working. I will try to do this now. I realize that I need to work on this if I want to be successful.

Sometimes there comes a time that we get tired and bored of doing but this is the time that we need to work more and overcome those feelings and I think this way, this feeling is the hindrance of my success. By doing this every day as a routine I will be used to it. I am still learning but I’m getting there.

Any goal or ambition in life we will not be successful if we are not consistent of what we are doing in order to achieve that goal we need to make an effort. There are always ups and downs along the way but those are spices in life that will make you learn and try better the next time, those challenges will made you a better person.