top-entrecard-droppersI joined Entrecard for almost a year, this has really helped my blogging, it brings traffic to my websites. I would recommend this especially when you are just started blogging, this will really help increase traffic to your website. By the way, what do you know about Entrecard? Entrecard is blogging network and traffic generation system. The question how Entrecard works? The good thing about Entrecard you can visit other sites and click the Entrecard widget wherein the word DROP, this is what we called doing dropping.

Entrecard encouraged you to drop or allowed to drop for 300 times and by dropping you can earn points. Then the site you have visited usually they visit back to you. The more visit or dropping the more visit or dropping in return. Each drop you can earn one point and if somebody advertises to your blog you can earn points also whatever points you can earn you can spend that to pay for the advertising, it’s like give and take.

You can advertise your blog from the other blog and the points you pay it depends how popular there blog are. They categorized it like Most Popular, Newest, Cheapest, Most Expensive, Most Advertise and Random. If you are tired of dropping and you have the budget you can also buy credits if you want for your advertising they have Special Rate Budget Advertising right now for only $10.00; this is really a best deal. Also they have a forum that you can participate like community forum, support & bugs forum.

You can get ideas from other bloggers thru the forum. Only I noticed to this system, some people but not all they just drop or click on your widget and left. But other than that it’s all good, it really helps my Alexa ranking and it generates and builds traffic to my website. If you would like your chance to win 5000 EC credits just follow this link to see more details.