Trim the mantle or drape the window with this lush, gold leaf garland.

You’ll need:
* Gold-toned ornaments and gold painted pinecones
* Magnolia leaves,lemon leaves and several long lengths of grape vine
( available through floral supply store )
* Florist wire
* Floral spray paint in 12 carat Gold

How to do it:
1. Bundle vines into a 4″ diameter with florist wire.
2. Spray paint the lemon leaves and pinecones, front and back and let dry.
3. Attach leaves to the vine bundle with florist’s wire, working toward the center from each end. Intersperse gold leaves with natural ones and for textural interest, alternate showing the smooth and fuzzy sides of each leaf.
4. Accent your garland with gold ornaments and painted pinecones across t entire length, attaching them with florist’s wire. Place across the mantle, letting the garland drape over the sides.