* Get out your journal ( if you don’t have one, buy one! ) and write down your answers to the following questions. You can repeat this exercise for each area of your life that you don’t feel great about.
* Then ask these questions to yourself.
1. Which are of your life are you dissatisfied with and committed improving?
2. Why haven’t you done anything effectively address this issue until now and how much it cost you ( in terms of your inability to fully enjoy your life and quality of relationships ) by not doing so?
3. Imagine you could have this aspect of your life made perfect with the wave of my magic wand. Describe what would be like.
4. How will you feel about yourself and what will be the impact be in your life ( and your joy/stress levels ) if this aspect of your life the same a year from now? ( I hate to be bearer of bad news but with no action it will likely just get worse.)
5. How will you feel if a year from now you have accomplish this goal and or made the changes that you would like? What impact will it have on your experience of each day,including how you feel about your future?
6. What is the first thing you could do that would make positive difference in relation to this area of your life? Write down the deadline for when you will do it. For example:
Job – contact recruitment company, polish up resume, research
Health – join gym, start eating healthy foods, throw out all your
candy in your home
Finance – put together a budget expenses
7. Write down all the other actions you can think that would be helpful in addressing this problem and beside them write down a deadline by which you will begin taking them.
8. Get support! The simplest way is to share with someone what you’ve committed to and ask them hold you accountable to the actions you’ve written down.
9. Act as if! Sure, you may still have some miles to journey to feel 100% great about your life, but once you’ve stepped forward in that direction you are already on your way. So beginning today, act as if you were the kind of person you wanted to be. Someone who feels great about who they are and what they’re up to in life. Put your shoulders back, stand tall and walk out into the world with a smile:-) on your face that says to people that you are a woman or man who is committed to making the most of life and giving your very best to it!