The most important trick to dressing well has nothing to do with the latest trends. The key is fit. But getting the right fit isn’t always easy as you knowing what size to look for on the label. So, what you should look for?

* Don’t settle for anything less than the best fit. Whether you wear a misses petite or woman’s size, you’re clothes should not pull or gape. Clothing that’s too tight or big doesn’t hang properly, throwing off the line of the garment, no matter how fashionable it look in the window.

* When shopping try on different styles from same group or collection. Also try sizes smaller or larger and larger than what you think will fit best.

* Select coordinated separates if you need a different size top and bottom. Don’t be afraid to try a petite size if you’re 5’4″ and under or have a proportionately shorter waist, rise or inseam. Similarly, don’t hesitate to try a woman’s size if you have a fuller figure or larger proportions.

* Spend sometime in the fitting room. When trying something on, stand comfortably in front a length mirror and check the front,back and side views. Start at the top and work down.

* Watch for wrinkle clues. Wrinkles often indicate there either to little or to much fabric. For instance. tight horizontal wrinkles probably mean the garment is to narrow while tight vertical wrinkles usually indicate that the item is too short.

* Since you aren’t buying this new outfit to stand in front of a mirror, make sure it allows for a full range of comfortable movement. Raise your arms, walk, sit and stand. You should be able to do these things with ease.

* Certain adjustment are worth a trip to the tailor. Nothing throws off a beautifully-cut jacket more than sleeves that are too short or so long they doubles as mittens. The same is true for skirt and pant lengths. Sleeve and hem lengths are easy to change but altering the entire shape of any garment is often not worth the expense.