Music is really helps me when I am bored. I really love music and this inspires me when I am down. I know many people love music also. Imagine life without music and no sounds at all. I love music that are slow and that has an inspiring lyric. Sometimes music makes me dance and sing while doing household chores.

Listening to nice music it helps me keeps going that day especially when there are days we feel not like doing anything then I need music to lift me up. Music will entertain and make us alive but it depend the music you’re listening and this can also makes us feel young and relieve stress as well. If I have free time I would rather listening to music than watching TV and I love to sing karaoke as well.

We are so lucky that we have so many available songs and music that we can listen or watch. With the presence of the internet and computer also with the new gadgets  that are available that we have  right now such iPod, iPhone we can easily get access to this wonderful and inspiring music. We have so many websites  such as YouTube, AOL,, or any other websites for free and there are websites also that you can pay especially when you want to download their music.

I love the oldies and love songs, a songs that have a nice lyric and tune. These are the music that we need to listen, a music that are not loud but will inspire us and uplift us as well. I don’t understand why this younger people or new generation kids love to hear that hard and loud music this definitely would ruin our ears and makes us headache and for me this is not a music at all instead a noise.