The month of December is the colder weather has settled in, hearts and minds turn to fond memories of families and friends and eating frenzy begins. Then comes the onslaught, “the holidays” it is lengthy period that includes parties, gatherings, potlucks, family, feast that all centered on one thing FOOD. Remember we need to watch what we eat. Make a good choices when it comes to food. Try to eat light meal at home before you head for a buffet so you won’t be tempted to throw your diet plans away.

You can enjoy the holidays and still manage not to put on weight by the start of the New Year. You know which food are bad for you but does not mean you cannot eat anything only you have to choosy. Find your favorite food and enjoy them but choose wisely. Survey the food indulge in things that really make you happy. Then savor them, eat slowly and enjoy every bite. Maintaining your current fitness routine or even starting a new one will go along way to keeping you trim and fit through out the holiday season. However don’t think that exercising is a license to eat as much as you want of whatever you want.