In just a few decades we have been introduce to the new ways of life which is the internet. Since then a lot of unbelievable changes when it comes to technology, this internet that we have right now in our days it bring so much into our life. You can easily communicate your families, friends and relatives that you never heard for a long time and now you can easily get in contact with them in just a seconds or just a blink of your eye. Right now the magic of the internet it makes impossible things very possible.

Sometimes I can’t believe how the technology works, most of the things become much easier and handy for us because of the power of technology. With this technology we are able to work at home, we can get an education at home, we can have entertainment at home like watching movies, play games, embedded TV shows, listen to music and also you can communicate easily through this amazing technology called internet or computer.

This internet as we can see it is everywhere, most of the people and companies are already relying so much because it makes our life and businesses more efficient and productive. That is why most of the people around the world are using and some are dependent on computer and some are addicted to it like playing games. Many people cannot get away from their computer they can’t live without computers anymore.

We need to utilize and use our computers properly especially the kids in our home. We need to monitor them what they are doing in the computer because there are stuff in the internet that are not good for the kids yet. So as parents we need to be aware of this things and secure our kids when they are using computers or internet.