Many people are looking for work at home solutions to help with financial issues during this troubled economy. With all the scams on the internet we need to be careful and do our research on the ones that are legit. A few that many are talking about are listed below.

  • hires homeworkers to take inbound calls to assist customers in placing orders for goods and services seen on TV. Pay starts at .17 per minute that you are on the phone. There are often premium shifts and incentives to boost the pay as well.
  • Working Solutions offers many different phone jobs, such as taking hotel reservations and product orders.
  •  LiveOps takes inbound calls for infomercials, catalogs, etc. Base per-minute rate is .25. They also offer premium hours and incentives to raise the per-minute rate. They do charge a $30 background check fee, but I know people who work for them, so I know they are legitimate.
  • Voice Log has openings for an inbound live operator verification agent. They offer a minimum $10/hour.
  • Alpine Access offers work as an agent to answer phone calls, web chats, or e-mails from client’s customers. They only hire in certain metropolitan areas, however, so check to see if your area is listed.

These are just a few that have been around for a while and are considered to be legit. But there are many other websites out there on the World Wide Web. I do recommend you do your research and remember if you do not get hired with the first company you apply at or they do not turn out to be what you expected. There is always another website or company that might fit you better.