I can’t believe how the gasoline prices had going up right now. Today the price of gasoline here in Michigan is $4.27 it’s going up almost every day. This is not good for a lot of people we will suffer just to make rich people richer. We need to find solution to this situation there are people that work 50 miles or more from their home and families across the state that drive just to get to their job. How can people afford this?

The money we earned just goes into the gasoline to drive the car or we can’t go anywhere even going to our work it is really hard to do. We have to choose gas or food? This is really tough and who to blame this? The jump prices of gasoline they blame on Middle East and partially the calamities, tragedy and tornado’s that hit Southern towns of USA and resulting hundreds of death.

We need to wake up people this Oil Company is making millions or billions of dollars profit just sitting pretty and happy. Whereas there are a lot of people in the whole world who suffer and who work so hard and pay their gas to the price that are not fair. They take advantage of the demand of their oil or gas; it’s time to make a change so that this Oil Company would learn.

How many people that need to suffer or need to die and how many species need to go extinct just make a few rich people richer? This question came from one of the website commenter and concern citizen that I came across. We need to find solution to this and hear the peoples cries the sooner we move to a renewable energy resources the better off we will be.