Valentines is on the air and this will be an exciting day for those who have spouse, partners, lovers and in-love people. I know many places like hotels, restaurants, malls and stores are busy today because of the Heart Day celebration. Love is what made us people alive and that’s is why we celebrate this hearts day to reminds everyone that we have to always express our love to our dear love ones.

Love is a feeling that something that we can’t explain only you will understand but has a deeper meaning. Love is the reason why we are here and the great love our savior by giving his life is the great example of love. We need to have the love in hearts all the time so that we can be happy and appreciate more in life and understand the reason of our existence.

If we have spouse we have to show our love everyday not only during Valentine’s Day. We need to show our love, devotions and appreciation to our better half so that love will grow and become stronger every day. Love is forever and not just for one day but for eternity.

For me love is magic because you can’t understand the feeling and it just happened if it is meant to be. When people are in love you will try everything to make the one you love happy and you are happy as well. You will conquer everything and fight for it if you truly love somebody. Happy Hearts Day everyone, hope you have marvelous and exciting day with your love ones today.