Having a home that reflects your tastes and your own comfort is important. Some of us live in cooler climates like Chicago, IL. Or you may live in Los Angeles, California, New York, New York or maybe even Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But no matter where you live having your own home is something we all dream about and want.

What I really enjoyed was the time I got to work with an Architectural Designer to design my own home that I was preparing to have built. The excitement of showing the architect how things designed and then waiting for it to come to life on paper was just the beginning.

It was such a surprise to see our dreams to be put on to paper, but having an Architectural Designer that listened, then took our ideas and created a home design that was unbelievable. This is something many of us have dreamed about all our lives, so having ideas is something you should think about before starting the design process.

What we did is drive around and looked at homes, and then we went online and looked at the designs of homes from all over the world to find the styles and options we really wanted and needed. You would not believe all the styles we found. Also we were amazed at all the different, beautiful and practical homes that were built in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

There we found homes that were of a conventional design, to more of a Spanish style to the most elegant of home designs available. Each design and style showed the home owners creativity and what really mattered to each home owner. So if your dream home includes a swimming pool and a hot tub or if what you are looking for is a little more conventional style, having the right Architectural Designer is important.

Now, take the time to compare and talk with the architect you choose. Be creative and most of all make sure you express the style, likes and dislikes. This way you will not be disappointed and will be happy for many years to come.