We have cold spring time here, the month of April is almost over and it is still cold here in Michigan. Our weather has been mixed up because we have warm weather in the month of March. We want the warm weather, where are warm weather? We need you here. We can’t do our outdoor chores and outdoor activities without you.

I’m praying for warm weather so that we can do our cleaning outside and a little gardening. I know most of us are tired of the cold right now. We are supposed to have warm weather already in this time of a year in Spring but still we don’t have it. Now they are talking of having a chance of snow again, you know its Michigan we have changing weather all the time.

Looking forward to have more sunshine and we are hoping that next week will start to warm up so that we can start our outdoor cleaning and we can do activities outside. Hopefully the spring weather starts and plenty of sunshine so that we can grill outside, gardening, camping, walking, biking, swimming and etc. and we all excited to do all these. We all have so much outside chores & work waiting  till we have the warmth. We can have more fun time with our families and friends again with our outside activities during this time of a year.

We can do so much when we have the warm weather but we have to start to clean up our yards and mowing the lawn again. Those household chores during spring and summer will help us to keep us going or making us active. But with this cold weather most of the time in April will hinder us from doing anything from outside and makes us feel tired.  Hope will start to warm up a little bit next week because we need it.