In these days with the economy the way it is crime is on a rise. This is something that concerns me as a home owner. I am very concerned about the safety of not only the possessions within my home, but also the safety of my family. To do this I have done a lot of research and have found that the best way would be to install a wireless security system. The place and system I have found to be one of the best security systems is made and sold by GE.

GE Home Security has five different wireless security system offered all with a 100% protection guaranty. There systems are all state of the art and come with 24/7 monitoring available. Each package has a guaranteed locked in rate with a lifetime warranty. And right now if you call GE Home Security at 1-877-470-2751 you will get free two keychain remotes with every order. I personally have the silver package that comes with a talking control panel, 10 entry points, internal and a door chime, battery backup, 3 window decals, 1 yard sign and one button arming which is easy to use. All of this at a very low price of $34.95 per month monitoring fee. So if you are concerned about security within your home I recommend looking at the highly rated GE Home Security systems.