I know some of us like to drink cold water especially after we came from working, walking, jogging, and even after eating. We feel really thirsty and we want to satisfy ourselves from thirsty is to drink cold water. But do you know how this affects to our body? Most of us don’t know that cold water will solidify the oily food that we have consumed and this will cause to slow down our digestion.

We are advice not to drink cold water after eating, it is better to drink warm water or cup of soup after meal. If we do drink cold water after meal, there is possibility that oily food will turn into sludge this will reacts with the acids and this will break down and absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. This will stay in your intestine and very soon this will turn into fats and this mostly the causes of cancer.

We don’t want that to happen to each and every one of us that is why I share this to my blog so that people will be aware of this issues. Health is our best wealth and if it’s good for our health we should follow this advice, it is better to be safe than sorry. We don’t want to spend our time and money into our doctor’s office. We should avoid drinking cold water if this affects to our health.

So if you are in this habit of drinking cold water all the time, it’s time to make change if you care for your health.  You can share this to your families and friends so that they can also be aware of how cold water affects to them, by doing so we can help them to get healthy and feeling better all the time. Also, if you have questions regarding your health you can contact and ask your health professional on what’s best for your health.