A nightstand can be lots of things, a curvaceous table or a chest of drawers. The trick in all cases is to be judicious about what you keep on the piece and how to display it. This is especially important if you’re dealing with a small surface area and no enclosed storage. Arrange books and magazine in stacks and conceal remotes and like in a graceful bowl or basket to help neaten the arrangement.

* Sleep strategy – Choose a stand that’s few inches higher than the top of the mattress and position it close to the bed so that essentials are within reach. Grouping everything a lamp, alarm clock and water glass on a large tray can also bring order to the display.

* Make it work for you. Ask yourself what kinds of things you might need before bedtime and keep only those items like reading eyeglasses, tissues on the nightstand. Stacks of unnecessary clutter will only induce stress.