foreclosurepatch-com_With the economy at a slow point and the housing market exploding with cheap real estate, now is the time to buy. You ask yourself how I can afford to own property with so many people losing their homes. Well the answer would be foreclosed homes and property. There are so many foreclosures out there right now and not only does this help the home owner but it also helps the bank. It’s a win/win situation for everyone. These properties make great starter homes or even a fixer up property to rent or sale. If you are a first time home owner, you can use the $8000 credit right now for your first purchase. You can find more information about this at FTC Overview on Mortgages or by searching the government websites.

You ask yourself, where do I find great Foreclosure Listings in my area? is the perfect website to find foreclosure property in your area. One of the best foreclosure listing sites I’ve seen in a long time. All you do is put the name of the city and state, how much you want to spend and bedrooms. So easy and very user friendly!! All the years my husband and I were flipping homes, we would look in the local paper and talk to our real estate agent. This website would’ve helped tremendously in our search all those years ago.

I tried this in my area and I had no idea of all the Louisville Foreclosed Homes in a price range I would want to spend. Tons of information and pictures of each property to help you find that perfect property. I recommend this website to find your next home at a great price.