Managers are supposed to put the worker to into situation where they can flourish or they can thrive. Routinely comparing one worker to another is more likely to create animosity between coworkers than positive environment where each person contributes positively in their own way.

-You need to hold a regular meeting as a team or a group – this will create and help build healthy relationship. Also communication is very important in any aspects of life.

– Try to practice the idea to get into giving – when you acknowledge, care, compliments, giving helpful expertise and service to others it will go a long ways.

– You need to lighten up the mood with food – a treat once in a while is good. You can gather them for lunch or you can pick up some pizza or donuts for everyone unexpectedly. Have a potluck for special events.

– You can add style or color to the office – nice environment affects or influence the mood of your work or job. You can brighten drab areas or you can add plants and light if possible.

– You can set a resource area – it would be good or I would recommend if you have a resource place for your worker with books, articles, a bulletin board and maybe even a computer station.